Friday, October 31, 2014
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Spike Lee: post racial America is bullsh-t
Spike Lee told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos that a post racial America is “bullshit” and police departments don’t treat all Americans equally. Spike Lee said: “There’s a big division for the police departments, I think, in this country, versus people of color".  
Mike Tyson reveals he was sexually abused as a child when he was snatched off the street by a stranger in Brooklyn

Boxing legend Mike Tyson, 48, said during a Sirius XM radio interview that he was sexually abused when he was 7 by a stranger when he was a child growing up in Brooklyn. "He snatched me off the street. I was a little kid...[he was an] old man.'  

Roman Polanski questioned by police in Poland because of US arrest warrant
Famed film director Roman Polanski, wanted in the United States for having sex with a minor in the 1970s, was questioned this week by Polish authorities but allowed to leave after the interview.
Jessica Biel was congratulated by the Editor-in-Chief of InStyle on her "impending motherhood"
A possibly pregnant Jessica Biel was congratulated by the Editor-in-Chief of InStyle, Ariel Foxman, on her "impending motherhood" on Instagram October 30. She wrote:
Chelsea Handler posts topless photo of herself on a horse but Instagram removes picture
Talk show host Chelsea Handler shared a topless photo of herself sitting on a horse next to a similar picture made famous by the the Russian President Vladimir Putin - but it was soon removed for breaching Instagram's guidelines
Robin Thicke & Pharrell Williams Blurred Lines lawsuit to proceed to court
Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have lost the first round in their battle with Marvin Gaye’s family in an ongoing debate over whether their 2013 megahit Blurred Lines infringed on Gaye’s 1977 song Got to Give It up.
Disgraced on Broadway - Racial profiling, religion and pork tenderloin
Ninety minutes that will make you rethink how we perceive and present ourselves and how we should think about each other. Without bias. Without prejudice.
Seth Rogen in talks to play Steve Wozniak in Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs biopic
Seth Rogen is in talks to play the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in a biopic of Steve Jobs. Christian Bale is in line to play Steve Jobs, the famed technology guru who died in 2011 of cancer.
Why have Hollywood’s henchmen turned into incompetent knuckleheads?
A henchman should be menacing. He’s meant to kill, torture and maim. But with John Wick and The Equalizer, we get poorly trained incompetents. Even the henchcrow in Sleeping Beauty would put them to shame.
Bill Cosby appearance on the Queen Latifah show postponed after rape allegations
Bill Cosby was scheduled to appear on The Queen Latifah Show daytime talk show but has canceled. Cosby was accused of sexually assaulting 13 women in the past. Cosby settled a lawsuit in 2006 but was never convicted.
Nicole Kidman boasts about husband Keith Urban’s love: I’ll do anything for that man
Nicole Kidman was talking about the death of her father and said: "We all go through hard times in our lives. But to be literally carried by your partner (Keith Urban) and physically at times because I was so devastated. It's just like I'll do anything for that man."
The godfathers of modern horror cinema were almost entirely liberal peaceniks
“If you meet all the people who make horror films, you discover they are very nonviolent, they’re politically active and knowledgeable, and anti war,” writer/director Mick Garris says
Kardashian Kids clothing line is criticized by mothers for being sexualized
A group of angry mums have hit out at the Kardashians for their "sexualized" Kardashian Kids clothing range - and want it removed from Babies 'R' Us altogether.
Christie Brinkley gets apology from ex husband's Peter Cook's second wife
Suzanne Shaw, the second ex-wife of Peter Cook, has issued a written apology to his first wife, supermodel Christie Brinkley, for ignoring her warning about the architect’s philandering.
Colbert Report sets date for final show
Stephen Colbert has announced when he'll be signing off The Colbert Report. The date for his final show will be Thursday, December 18.
Robert Downey Jr, Judi Dench and Emma Watson honored at BAFTA Los Angeles
BAFTA Los Angeles hosted its annual Britannia Awards, honoring film and television talent from both sides of the pond, including director Mike Leigh and actors Dame Judi Dench, Emma Watson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Robert Downey Jr.
Quote of the day
Frances McDormand

"I was often told that I wasn’t a thing. She’s not pretty enough, she’s not tall enough, she’s not thin enough, she’s not fat enough.’ I thought, ‘O.K., someday you’re going to be looking for someone not, not, not, not, and there I’ll be.’ ”

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