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   Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Broadway audiences at 1984 faint, vomit, scream at the actors and and get arrested
1984 is not for the average theatergoer. Adapting George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 - set in a future when critical thought is suppressed by a totalitarian regime, ostensibly overseen by a party leader known as Big Brother - the new Broadway staging includes special effects like strobe lights and jackhammer sound effects, in addition to the plot’s extreme torture scenes. www.hollywoodreporter.com  
Stella McCartney is embarrassed she used supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in her graduate fashion show

t Stella McCartney has admitted that despite being close pals with supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, she regrets using them as models for her final graduate fashion show in 1995. marking her graduation from Central St Martin's. There was a huge backlash.


Ryan Murphy: I'm only interested in doing stuff that scares me
Despite being a successful and prolific show runner Ryan Murphy (Feud, American Horror Story, Glee) Murphy said: "One thing I always do is just tell actors that I'm as afraid as they are,
Marisa Tomei: Every actor is frustrated, always worried they won’t get the next job
Marisa Tomei: "Frustration is the name of the game in acting. Every actor is frustrated, always worried they won’t get the next job. That’s true of any actor, of any gender, at any success level. And
Sean Puff Daddy Combs: Have I read The Great Gatsby? I am the Great Gatsby
Parker of 112 says Combs’ legacy goes way beyond music. “He absolutely empowered and encouraged everyone. For black Americans, he is on a level with Oprah Winfrey or Barack Obama.”
Halston's fashion muses, close friends and models to dish in new documentary
Filmmaker Frédéric Tcheng - who’s made successful fashion documentaries on Christian Dior, Diana Vreeland and Valentino - is shooting a new film on famed New York designer Halston.
Sex and the City: some secrets about the franchise
While we're sure fans already know the HBO series and movies, we dug up a few fun facts about the franchise that may surprise you.
Sean P Diddy Combs went from drug dealer to rap's Gatsby
New Yorker. Sean Combs, 47, (a?k?a Puff Daddy, a?k?a Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy) is worth around $820 million thanks to his successes in fashion, movies, TV, liquor branding and, of course, music.
Toy Story viral origin story is complete and utter fake news: Pixar executive and author
A viral video explaining the tragic backstory to Pixar’s 1995 hit Toy Story is fake, says Pixar’s Andrew Stanton, who co-wrote all three Toy Story films. He tweeted: “Complete and utter fake news. iwasthere.
Daniel Day-Lewis is retiring from acting - Why?
When Daniel Day-Lewis, the greatest screen actor of his generation, announced he would be retiring from acting, I had the same initial thought that most everyone else did. Why?
Megyn Kelly of NBC News keeps getting horrible reviews for her show
The Boston Globe’s television critic Matthew Gilbert ripped Megyn Kelly for lacking both the charisma and acumen to be successful at NBC News. He wrote: “I don’t find Megyn Kelly charismatic
Marisa Tomei, 50: I only got to be old very recently
For Marisa Tomei, 50, Hollywood’s sexism is more of an issue than its ageism. “Well, I only got to be old very recently. The industry has decided I’m an aunt type now. I’m like, is this the way it gets
Corey Stoll: What it was like to star in the Trump themed Julius Caesar
Corey Stoll: "When I signed on to play the reluctant assassin Marcus Brutus in this production, I didn’t know Caesar would be an explicit avatar for President Trump. I suspected that an
Pro Israel group slams US stadiums for allowing anti semite Roger Waters to perform
Pro Israel group slams the owners of major stadiums for giving the Israel boycotting musician former Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters a platform and urging them to boycott his current tour.
Quentin Tarantino: I’m writing something now, won’t be ready till 2018, won’t be out till 2019
Quentin Tarantino: “I’m writing something now, won’t be ready till 2018, won’t be out till 2019 at least. Doing something else too, but I’m not saying. I’m lying low for now.”
Transformers: The Last Knight opens to a franchise low pf $69.1 million
As of Sunday morning, Transformers: The Last Knight, the 5fth installment in the series directed by Michael Bay, looks to bring in $69.1 million during its 5 day opening weekend. That’s a franchise low
Celebrities who condemned Johnny Depp's comments about assassinating Trump
Thus far, celebrities have been silent about Johnny Depp’s comments. Only James Woods called out Depp tweeting: "Does the #liberal mantra of "joking" about assassinations have a sinister intent? Is it designed to excite more killings of conservatives?"
Hollywood stars take part in a video supporting Planned Parenthood
Jennifer Lawrence, Jon Hamm and Lena Dunham and another 25 celebrities including Aubrey Plaza, Padma Lakshmi, Suki Waterhouse, Elisabeth Moss, Spike Jonze, Amy Poehler and Brie Larson
Rande Gerber: The kids are the perfect mix of George and Amal - they really are so cute
Rande Gerber, 55, is the husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford and has a been a close confidant of George Clooney for years as they built their tequila empire Casamigos together. He said: "George
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Bill Maher

“I don’t think they should have Trump playing Julius Caesar getting stabbed, and I hate Trump."

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