Saturday, July 30, 2016
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Donald Trump's RNC speech had 34 million viewers - Hillary Clinton's DNC speech had 33 million
Hilary Clinton's DNC acceptance speech had 33.7 million viewers from the four broadcast networks and three cablers with coverage. Donald Trump had 34.9 million viewers across all nets carrying the speech.  
Constance Wu: Matt Damon’s starring in The Great Wall pushes racist myth that only a white man can save the world

Fresh off the Boat star Constance Wu slammed the casting of Matt Damon in the upcoming China set action flick The Great Wall for "perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world."  

Constance Wu: it's really hard to finance are no longer excuses for racism
Constance Wu rejects traditional explanations for the inclusion of white big name stars in movies such as The Great Wall, writing, "Think only a huge movie star can sell a movie?
Snoop Dogg: The Democrats know how to party like a motherf-cker
Snoop Dogg at Democratic National Convention party said: "“Does anybody want to get f-cked up with Snoop Dogg tonight? I want to get f-cked up tonight. The Democratics know how to party like a motherf-cker.”
Will Smith: Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed
Will Smith: "Hearing people say the race relations are worse than they’ve ever been, it doesn’t feel like that, to me. Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed.”
Shannon Doherty on her breast cancer battle: I don't look past today
Beverly Hills 90210 star Shannon Doherty broke down in tears as she talked to Entertainment Tonight about the toll her fight against the disease has taken on her life in the past year. "It's hard," she said. crying
Constance Wu: Our heroes don't look like Matt Damon - they look like Malala. Ghandi. Mandela
Taiwanese-American actress, known for her role as Jessica Huang on ABC's Fresh Off the Boat, took to Twitter to share her thoughts about Matt Damon starring in The Great Wall.
Bill Maher: One of our major parties nominated a woman and the other nominated a pussy
Bill Maher: (Vermont Senator) Bernie Sanders didn’t quite make it to the nomination but in my lifetime I have never seen a candidate as beloved.”
Michael Caine, 83, has no plans to retire
Michael Caine was asked if he would ever retire. “Absolutely not. You know what they say – You don’t retire. They retire you. As long as they keep sending scripts, we’re good. And
Extreme weight loss and tooth extraction: when method acting goes too far
Which star didn’t bathe for four months? Who became a cabbie? Our guide to actors who take their art to new levels
Fox News employee claims she was sexually harassed by Roger Ailes for two decades
Laurie Luhn spoke with Daily Intelligencer about her relationship with Fox CEO Roger Ailes, and how her willingness to perform the sexual acts he demanded of her resulted in a job at Fox News and
Luc Besson told to pay $502,000 for plagiarism of John Carpenter classic
The French filmmaker Luc Besson (director of The Fifth Element and Nikit) has been ordered to pay Hollywood’s self styled “master of horror”, John Carpenter, nearly $502,000) for plagiarising
Leona Lewis on joining Broadway musical Cats: The show's got a lot of heart
The X Factor made Leona Lewis a global star. She is the most successful ever winner of The X Factor UK. She is donning whiskers and a tattered tail to play Grizabella, the Glamour Cat.
Nick Jonas reportedly turned down $2M to perform at Republican National Convention All Lives Matter event
Nick Jonas, 23, reportedly turned down a $2 million offer to perform at an All Lives Matter event during the Republican National Convention, TMZ reported. He was already booked
Ghostbuster director Paul Feig slams Sony removal of pro-Hillary Clinton tweet
Ghostbusters director Paul Feig expressed surprise that Sony officials deleted a tweet from the movie’s official Twitter account that linked Kate McKinnon‘s character with Hillary Clinton’s
Avengers: Infinity War won’t be split into 2 movies
Marvel’s next Avengers adventure - titled Infinity War - will no longer be told two in two parts, as it was previously announced. The studio will release the first part Avengers: Infinity War - no longer
Black Men for Bernie Sanders says watch the movie Clinton Cash: they're not charging you to see the truth
At a Black Men for Bernie Sanders rally near the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia told the crowd to “watch the movie Clinton Cash. “It’s a movie. It’s about Hillary Clinton. And it’s free,
Clinton Cash movie on One America News Network this weekend
One America News Network is airing the documentary film Clinton Cash this Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm EST. The 105 minute film exposes the alarming pattern of corruption at the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.
Quote of the day
Kim Kardashian

"I mean, Kanye's called me a bitch in his songs. That's just, like, what they say. I never once think, (gasping) ‘What a derogatory word! How dare he?’ Not in a million years. "

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