Friday, May 22, 2015
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Jay Z under fire by a black scholar for pulling out the race card in Tidal debate
Nationally known scholar, Boyce D. Watkins, Ph.D. at Syracuse University, who speaks out on issues involving social justice, says Jay Z's rap was self serving and misguided. He said:  
The View’s epic fight for survival

Eighteen years after Barbara Walters pioneered a new talk show format, The View has fallen victim to backstage bickering and executive drama at ABC. Can it bounce back?  

Josh Duggar: Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably
The Duggar family has acknowledged the allegations and confirmed that 12 years ago Josh “made some very bad mistakes” and “that dark and difficult time caused us to seek God like never before."
Game of Thrones author George RR Martin comments on disturbing rape scene
Game of Thrones author George R R. Martin has been inundated by a "flood of emails and off-topic comments" on his blog about the disturbing rape scene
Jane Fonda thinks many women get plastic surgery because they have been victims of sexual abuse
Jane Fonda thinks many women get cosmetic surgery because they were sexually abused when they were young. She said: "Thirty percent of women were sexually abused
Josh Duggar admits to molesting multiple girls when he was a teen
Josh Duggar, 27, eldest son of the uber-religious Arkansas clan featured in 19 Kids and Counting, has admitted to molesting multiple girls when he was a teen.
Martha Stewart should get an apology
Michael Maiello: Five of the biggest banks in the world pleaded guilty to criminal charges and not a single person will face jail time for those crime. it’s time to admit Martha Stewart should’ve never served time in prison at all.
CBS and Tony Awards should air Tommy Tune receiving Lifetime Achievement Award
Michael Riedel: Tommy Tune will receive a Lifetime Achievement Tony Award on June 7 but CBS still hasn’t decided whether to air his speech
Jane Fonda: Men want young women - for us, it’s about trying to stay young
Jane Fonda: "I was brought up to believe that unless you look a certain way, no one would love you".
Cannes Film Festival critics divided over films
As the Cannes Film Festival bears down on its weekend awards ceremony, a look at the movies seen so far and their reviews reveal deep divisions among the critics.
Dr Oz jumps rail at The Avenues mall to help woman who collapsed
Daytime television star Dr. Mehmet Oz jumped a railing to help a woman in the audience that collapsed at Jacksonville’s The Avenues mall during a presentation he was giving to an audience.
Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner explains series finale
Mathew Weiner: "I'm so grateful we got to do it and we were allowed to end it how and when we wanted to. I wanted it to feel that there was a vision
Jane Fonda: I wish I were brave enough to not do plastic surgery but I think I bought myself a decade
Jane Fonda: “I’m two years older than my dad was when he died. Katharine Hepburn was three years younger than I am now when she made On Golden Pond. People looked older back then. I wish I were brave enough to not do plastic surgery but I think I bought myself a decade.”
Miley Cyrus has always been more than one thing
Two years removed from the start of her Bangerz era and Twerkgate at the 2013 VMAs, Miley Cyrus has spent the past few months focused on a charity campaign, social politics, recording covers of rock classics and keeping her clothes on.
Anti George Stephanopoulos artwork posted near ABC News headquarters in Manhattan
Posters featuring Hillary Clinton with a smiling George Stephanopoulos, the ABC News anchor under fire for failing to disclose $75,000 in donations
Ageism in Hollywood is alive and well – if you’re a woman
Movies have a long and illustrious history of pairing older men with much, much younger female co-stars. Here are 10 movies that deliver astonishing age gaps and expect us to run with them.
Linda Pawlik, estranged wife of Star Trek: Voyager actor Robert Picardo, charged as accessory in LA murder
Linda Pawlik, 60, the wife of Star Trek: Voyager actor Robert Picardo, was arrested and charged with being an accessory to murder.
amFAR’s Cannes gala raised $5 million less than last year: amFAR exec makes $500,000
amFAR’s Cannes gala raised less than it did last year. They say they raised $30 million euro. Last year they say they raised $35 million dollars. One amFAR
New York Times: we can no longer review every movie
Chief critic AO Scott says newspaper lacks staff for universal coverage in move that could hit small documentary-makers’ chances of Oscars qualification.
Rebel Wilson responds to rumors she's lied about her age, name and background
Former classmates have asserted that she is actually 36 years old, and that her real name is Melanie Bownds. "She was definitely not the class clown;
Lady Gaga is trying on 30 custom made dresses for her wedding
Lady Gaga has over 30 wedding dresses to choose from for her big day. She tweeted: "Thanku to all the very special&generous designers who designed over 30 wedding dresses 4 the most important day of my life. I'm speechless."
Janet Jackson has a new album and world tour
Janet Jackson has sold over 140 million albums and has a record 18 consecutive top 10 hits. Now, Janet Jackson is returning with a new album and world tour. Don’t call it a comeback.
Quote of the day
Jane Fonda

"I was a movie star, and I produced a lot of my own movies. But I am 77 years old now, and those opportunities just aren’t there.”

“Ageism is alive and well. It is OK for men to get older, because men become more desirable by being powerful. With women, it’s all about how we look. Men are very visual, they want young women. So, for us, it’s all about trying to stay young.”

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