Sunday, September 25, 2016
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Angelina Jolie exposes her rebel turned saint myth by trashing Brad Pitt
Maureen Callahan: Possibly the only thing more surprising than the news that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt were the unceasing, unremitting details. Within 72 hours, the world knew
California enacts law requiring websites like IMDB to remove actor ages on request
California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that requires certain entertainment sites, such as IMDb, to remove – or not post in the first place – an actor’s age or birthday upon request.
Transformers 5 sparks outrage for using Winston Churchill’s home as Nazi HQ
British war veterans were outraged that director Michael Bay's film Transformers 5: The Last Knight used Winston Churchill’s former home as a Nazi headquarters swathed in swastikas.
Transformers 5 director Michael Bay: I would do nothing to disrespect veterans
Film director Michael Bay has defended turning Winston Churchill's Blenheim Palace birthplace into a "Nazi HQ" for Transformers 5. "Churchill would be smiling" he said.
Justin Bieber attacked in a German bar: he's rescued by a girl dressed in German beer maiden attire
In footage obtained by TMZ, Justin Bieber, who is currently on the European leg of his Purpose World Tour, can be seen slowly making his way through crowds at the HEART nightclub in Munich where he got into a scuffle with a nearby partier.
Chris Pratt gives back to Washington hometown with teen rec center
Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt grew up in Lake Stevens, Washington, a former mill town that sees a rise in heroin abuse in the country. He raised funds to build a teen recreation center
Hillary Clinton comments on Mark Ruffalo getting naked if she is elected
Most of The Avengers cast joined in a pro-Hillary Clinton ad directed by Joss Whedon. In it, Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk, was nominated by his fellow Hollywood elites to do a nude scene in his next movie if everyone gets out and votes for Clinton.
Angelina Jolie being consoled by Johnny Depp
Angelina Jolie is being consoled by her former co-star Johnny Depp in the wake of her split from Brad Pitt, it's been claimed. Angelina and Johnny starred together in Tourist in 2009 and have remained friends ever since.
Jamie Lee Curtis on kicking drugs, gaming and Hillary Clinton
Jamie Lee Curtis: People don’t know this but I’m a homebody, super quiet, and private. I like to be alone and read.” Her favorite pastime? Netflix. “My husband
Jamie Lee Curtis: I see nothing but women of a certain age working today
Jamie Lee Curtis, 57, maintains that there is little discrimination in Hollywood when it comes to aging actresses. “I see nothing but women of a certain age working today. The two women
Quote of the day
Amy Schumer responded to the question of what she was wearing to the Emmy Awards 2016

"I'm wearing Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford shoes and an o.b. tampon".

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