Monday, August 3, 2015
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Eminem: The Vicodin and Valium left a hole in my stomach
Eminem has detailed his prescription pill addiction - and his battle to overcome it - in his rap albums. Eminem in an emotional magazine article for Men's Journal how the addiction caused him to balloon to 230 pounds - before he found the perfect work out video and lost the excess weight.
Eminem: I needed to figure out a way to function sober
Rapper Eminem boxed, he battled addiction, and ran like a hamster on a wheel until he found his fitness groove in front of the TV.
Dr Dre album confirmed: It's going to be my grand finale
Dr Dre confirmed that his first album in 16 years will be released on Apple’s new streaming music service on August 7.
Quote of the day
Larry David

"I was inspired to become a comedian because I was a bad actor.”

"Performing on Broadway was an experience. Much like the Army. But I didn’t re-up for that, and I’m not going to re-up for this.”

New York Post
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