Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Global Citizen stages concerts with rock stars for Global Poverty but money is not spent on people who need it
Global Citizen stages concerts with big rock stars. They do it under the title Global Poverty. Everyone from Neil Young to Stevie Wonder, No Doubt, Jay Z and so on has been on the bills.
Tim McGraw's concert for Sandy Hook Promise sparks controversy
Tim McGraw, a gun owner and recreational hunter, wrote to the Washington Post: "I support gun ownership. I also believe that with gun ownership
Tim McGraw to headline at concert for gun control
Country singer Tim McGraw is headlining a gun control fundraiser on July 17 for Sandy Hook Promise which supports Oregon Senate Bill 941, a bill which
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame makes no donations to any group that supports indigent or ailing musicians
Roger Friedman: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Shame charges big money for tickets and does nothing to help anyone. They don’t give even a small donation
Michael Buble responds to criticism: Women are to be celebrated
Canadian singer Michael Buble caused a stir when he posted a picture of a mystery woman's rear to Instagram. His wife took the picture. He wrote:
Jon Stewart: why I quit The Daily Show
Jon Stewart describes his decision to quit The Daily Show, the satirical news program he has hosted for 16 years, as something closer to the end of a long term relationship.
Rihanna posts video on Instagram where she's holding her nose for several seconds
The video of Rihanna, which was posted on Instagram and quickly deleted, shows her sitting at a table with what looks like a slim white tube
Zayn Malik accepts trophy at Asian Awards because of his Pakistani heritage (video)
Zayn Malik accepted a trophy at the Asian Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Music. It's the only award Zayn can accept independent of the band. He's getting it because of his Pakistani heritage.
Quote of the day
Candice Bergen

"Warren Beatty and I sat in a corner on the (movie) set and talked about being beautiful. There was no one more gorgeous than he. It gives you total access, Warren said, and I agree. What you do with it is up to you. It’s an all-access backstage pass.”

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