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   Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Taylor Swift is building a wall around her Beverly Hills mansion
TMZ, who viewed the permit, said the singer will install the 6.5-foot cinder block thing around her front porch, and then an additional 7 foot tall retaining wall by her tennis court. She bought
Forbes List of The World's Highest Paid Women In Music 2017: Beyonce is number 1
Beyonce’s hit album Lemonade and world tour made her the highest paid woman in music in 2017, according to an annual Forbes list. She made $105 million pretax.
David Crosby: If you're a Trump dummy - don't come to my show asshole
David Crosby tweeted: "If you're a Trump dummy and you don't like progressives Don't come to my show asshole"
Quote of the day
Liz Smith legendary New York gossip columnist

“We mustn’t take ourselves too seriously in this world of gossip. When you look at it realistically, what I do is pretty insignificant. Still, I’m having a lot of fun.”

New York Post
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