Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Betty White nude pictures from 1940's surfaces again

David Letterman showed picture of Golden Girl Betty White, 88, wearing nothing but earmuffs on a deck of 1940s nudie cutie playing cards when she appeared on his show in October 1985. Once again, the vintage nude pix are EVERYWHERE


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Anonymous  wrote:
I think she is beautiful inside and out

Wizard333  wrote:
Betty White actually had a nice body (I can't believe I said that)

collector  wrote:
Those nudie playing card sets are well known to collectors of vintage stuff. The set with Betty white is not super rare or expensive, I have one myself. Each card in the set has a different nude model. It has been common knowledge that the earmuff girl was Betty White, and sellers usually point this out. But if I was not told I am sure I would not have noticed. In fact I always wondered if it really was her or just an urban legend, but I guess it's true because hey, I'm reading it on the internet. :)

Anonymous  wrote:
I bet she is glad to have these pictures to look back on. I wish I had done that when everything was still where it belonged!

jack turso  wrote:
so the f what .so many celebaties poised for photos signed a release modana is one and there are others such as strisand staloone and some made smokers...joan crawford as well..some austrian bought the master real..she went under the name of lucile lasure..and so what who care

Anonymous  wrote:
Sugarpie is sweet

Anonymous  wrote:
ggghh jjjjl t dsal;

Anonymous  wrote:

jman82  wrote: