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   Friday, June 23, 2017
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Barbara Walters was furious at SNL skit poking fun at her speech impediment

Legendary newswoman Barbara Walters says a classic Saturday Night Live sketch poking fun at her speech impediment left her fuming. “Baba Wawa” was among comic Gilda Radner’s most famous impressions and she debuted it during the first season of SNL in 1975.

But it was the aggressive network TV reporter’s daughter, Jacqueline — then just 7 years old — who soothed her mom’s temper tantrum when she wondered aloud: “Oh, mommy, where’s your sense of humor?” Walters soon changed her tune.

“Years later, when Gilda Radner died, I sent her husband [actor Gene Wilder] a sympathy note and signed it Barbara Wawa. Gilda was so wonderful — the sketch immortalized me — but at the time I wasn’t so thrilled.”

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