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   Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Joan Rivers: Showtime sent me a cease and desist letter for promoting my show - first time a network said shut the f---- up

Joan Rivers: "Showtime sent me a cease and desist letter telling me they didn't want me to promote it (ber new special Don't Start With Me). The first time in 60 years that a network said shut the f*** up. I’m talking to you wearing mask! I think they are all crazy. They don’t know what the f*** to do."

“Excuse me, it’s my concert, Madonna taught me that. I think it's the best I have ever recorded. Showtime were great, said do whatever you want. Pick any city you want, I picked Chicago. I adore Chicago. I haven’t played for four years. The feedback was great and then I noticed it was airing and I had done nothing to promote it.”

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