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   Monday, May 29, 2017
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Les Miz director Tom Hooper: At 12, I swore I'd have a film of my own in the cinema

Hooper directed Oscar winner The King's Speech and Les Misérables. He made his first film while still at school and talks about the epic he sees as a timeless "anthem for the dispossessed".

How would he identify his faults as a director? "When I was in my 20s [he is 40 now] I was too hard – I got tunnel vision. I used to forget to thank people. I have got better at being gentler and more generous, remembering people need compliments to energise them."

Tom Hooper waxes eloquent about the story's timeliness: "There is so much anger in the world, with rising economic inequality, social inequity, protests on Wall Street, protests outside St Paul's and riots… and seismic changes in the Middle East… Revolution is in the air."

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