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   Monday, May 29, 2017
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CBS anchor Rob Morrison dodged arrest in earlier choke attack after wife recanted: police

A month before he choked his wife Ashley Morrison, CBS anchorman Rob Morrison, 44, was accused of a disturbingly similar domestic attack, in which he throttled her until she “almost passed out,” police said.

Cops had wanted to bust the newsman for the alleged January 14 attack on his journalist wife, Ashley, at their million dollar home in Darien, Connecticut. A prosecutor refused to sign a warrant because Ashley, an anchor for CBS MoneyWatch, claimed that she had “exaggerated” her account, a newly released police report says.

Click on the headline and read the rest of the story. Last Sunday, Rob Morrison, 44, was arrested for allegedly choking Ashley, 40, in a vodka-fueled rage as she bashed him in the face with a TV remote control.