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   Friday, June 23, 2017
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Ashton Kutcher: fame is kind of crap (video)

Emerging in the United States is an unhealthy sense of entitlement, actor and entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher told Ellen DeGeneres. "I think that so much of what we see in the world today is this sort of propaganda machine around fame and around celebrity. I actually think there are some kids in the world that grow up today and think, 'I want to be famous,' instead of 'When I grow up, I want to do something, I want to build something, I want to create something.'"

As he said in his speech in August, young people should aspire to "build a life, not live one." "I thought it was a valuable moment to actually let them know that all that [fame] is kind of crap, and that working hard and being thoughtful and generous and smart is a path to a better life. Usually when you go to those shows, it's people propagating the fame machine over and over and over and over again, so I thought it was an opportunity to do something different."

"It’s funny — I mean — I talk to some of my friends and they don’t want to get a job at Starbucks or they don’t want to get a job at wherever because they feel like it’s below them. And I think the only thing that could be below you is to not have a job! Go work until you can get the job you want to have. And I'm really lucky to get to work with a lot of entrepreneurs that are building some of the coolest, new stuff in the world and these guys work—guys and girls—work really hard and they put in the hours and they're generous and care about other people and its what lead to their success."

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