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   Monday, March 25, 2019
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Filmmaker Abigail Disney: Wild West towns in fact were zones of strict gun control

Abigail Disney" Everything we picture when we think of the “Wild West” comes not from reality, but from movies and TV. It was Hollywood that decided what, where, when and why a cowboy

would shoot another human being, and Hollywood’s conception of this reality could not be further off base.

“Wild West” towns in fact were zones of strict gun control. Men did not walk the streets with guns strapped to their sides and they certainly did not, at least not often and never without consequences, meet at high noon and fire off six or eight shots in the middle of Main Street.

The town of Tombstone Arizona had a sign at the entrance that said “Welcome to Tombstone. Kindly leave your gun with the Sheriff’s office.” In fact, the famous shootout at the OK corral happened precisely because the Clanton boys refused to disarm, and it was Wyatt Earp’s intent to force them to do so. The Tombstone shootout, therefore, isn’t a romantic story of men and their weapons, challenging each other over honor and justice in the lawless west. It is the story of gun control, and about how a common sense measure can make a town more civilized, and leads to violence ONLY when flouted."

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