Monday, July 13, 2020
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Mary Trump's tell all book about Donald Trump: 5 shocking claims
President Donald Trump's niece Mary Trump details claims about the Trump family in her new book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man. Here are 5 of shocking claims.
White House releases list of all of Dr Fauci’s mistakes on coronavirus
White House officials have reportedly released a list of all the times Dr Anthony Fauci has been wrong about the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump said Dr Fauci "is a nice man, but he's made a lot of mistakes".
Power hungry CEO Jeffrey Emmelt drained the light out of General Electric
in the months after the retirement of Jeffrey Immelt all of Geeral Electric's apparent wealth began to evaporate. more than $140 billion in value vanished from GE’s stock price - bigger by far than the losses incurred by
CNN: the term "peanut gallery" is racist
CNN tells us the term “peanut gallery” is racist because it harkens back to the days when poor and black Americans were relegated to back sections of theaters. Now, I hate to be pedantic, but “peanut gallery” isn’t
The Baby-Sitters Club reboot: 9 year old boy identifying as a girl is played by a transgender child actor
Ready for Netflix’s reboot of The Baby-Sitters Club? Reportedly, the new program - rated TV-G - will feature a young boy identifying as a young girl.
Naya Rivera sent a photo to a relative 90 minutes before her son, 4, was found alone on their boat
Naya Rivera sent a photograph of her son Josey, 4, on board their pontoon boat to a family member 90 minutes before he was found alone and asleep on Lake Piru on Wednesday. The image is now being used to guide the lake search for the actress.
Joey: The Story of Joe Biden by Dr. Jill Biden
Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D. enlisted a coauthor to write Joey: The Story of Joe Biden, an illustrated children's book comprising just 27 pages of actual text. She got the number of her grandcildren wrong.
Quote of the day
Thandie Newton

There’s the disgusting thing that happened with the casting couch Just this grossness. I’ve got my little black book, which will be published on my deathbed."

Of names? "Oh, of everything. Got to leave something behind, love. I’m not doing it when I’m alive. I don’t want to deal with all the fallout and everyone getting their side of the story. There is no side of the story when you’re sexually abused. You give that up."

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