Sunday, October 23, 2016
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Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump calls out "rigged" election on Saturday Night Live with Tom Hanks as debate moderator
Tom Hanks as moderator Chris Wallace kicked off the debate on SNL, which he compared to The Lord of the Rings movies: "You don’t really want to watch. But hey, you’ve come this far."
Donald Trump banned in West Hollywood but fans rally anyway
Donald Trump fan Christina Ramos in West Hollywood said she sees Trump as the man who can save the United States from its impending self-destruction. “Donald Trump is (King) Cyrus in the Bible". “Understand who Cyrus is in the Bible then maybe your minds will change and want to vote for Trump and not Hillary Clinton.”
Richard Simmons is closing his iconic L.A. fitness studio after 42 years
Richard Simmons' famed L.A. fitness studio, called Slimmons, will be closing its doors in November, mainly because the face of the Beverly Hills business has rarely been seen in public for the past 2 years.
Friends fan cut up dozens of episodes to make fake episode: The One Where Chandler Dies
A dark and twisted fan super cut dozens of Friends episodes into a sad clip. The fake episode, titled The One Where Chandler Dies starts off at the point of his tragic accident.
Quote of the day
Priscilla Presley, ex wife of Elvis Presley

"I managed to become my own person. When you are around that level of fame for so long, it’s easy to slip into the shadow until you almost don’t exist. I had to make a conscious decision not to let that happen to me."

The Guardian
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