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   Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Cybill Shepherd says her show was canceled after she declined Les Moonves’ advances
Cybill Shepherd said she had once been propositioned by former network titan Les Moonves."He was, well, he was telling me his wife didn't turn him on, some mistress didn't turn him on. And ...
Consent for Sacha Baron Cohen’s tv show Who Is America? was fraud: Roy Moore
Roy Moore has a $95 million defamation suit against Sacha Baron Cohen, Showtime and CBS Corp. that he was “fraudulently induced” to appear on the satire series earlier this year.
Jerry Seinfeld on Kevin Hart Oscars controversy: Who got screwed in that deal?
Jerry Seinfeld on Kevin Hart stepping down as Oscar host: "I think Kevin is going to be fine, but find another Kevin Hart: That's not so easy."when you look at the situation - well, who got screwed in that deal?"
Fox News wins 2018 cable ratings race
Fox News finished 2018 in first place in the cable news ratings race, delivering the highest prime time audience in its 22 year history, according to Nielsen Media research. Fox News’s primetime averaged 2.5 million viewers,
BET founder praises Trump for founding Opportunity and Revitalization Council
President Donald Trump signed an executive order establishing a White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council and earning the support BET founder Bob Johnson, a former Hillary Clinton supporter.
Ellen DeGeneres is considering ending her talk show
Ellen DeGeneres is considering ending her daytime talk which has won 57 daytime Emmys since its debut in 2003. DeGeneres is mulling what to do once her contract comes to an end in 2020.
First homeless Muppet named Lily on Sesame Street
Lily is the first Sesame Street Muppet that is homeless and the face of a new initiative by the show to address homelessness.
Quote of the day
Lindsey Buckingham

"It appeared to me that Stevie Nicks was looking for something to hang on me, in order to instigate some kind of coup. Irving told me a couple of days later that she'd given the band an ultimatum and either I had to go or she was going to go. None of it makes sense to me, you know? Fleetwood Mac, the five of us together is in my mind, is a very sacred thing."

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