Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Kris Jenner files for divorce from Bruce Jenner
Kris Jenner, 58, has filed for divorce from former Olympian and husband Bruce Jenner, 64, after 22 years of marriage, the L.A. Superior Courthouse confirms. The papers cite irreconcilable differences. The reality star filed the documents without a lawyer.
New York Times apologizes for tone deaf Shonda Rhimes article
The New York Times‘ public editor Margaret Sullivan has added an update to her original post about the paper’s apology:
New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley says her critique of Shonda Rhimes was meant to praise not insult
Alessandra Stanley: "In the review (of Shonda Rhimes and How To Get Away With Murder), I referenced a painful and insidious stereotype solely in order to praise Ms. Rhimes
Miss America claims she guilty of bad joke not hazing at college
Miss America Kira Kazantsev admitted she was kicked out of her Hofstra University sorority, but insisted it was over a bad joke and not cruel hazing. She denied Jezebel report that she had badly abused younger co-eds.
Shonda Rhimes article in New York Times rightly causes a furor
New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan: The article on the television producer Shonda Rhimes written by the longtime TV critic Alessandra Stanley,
Quote of the day
Bill Maher

"ISIS isn’t going to kill you, things like polyethoxylated tallowamine [a chemical in one of Monstanto’s products], that’s what’s going to kill you. But try selling that idea in the United States of Pant-Sh**ters.”

Big Hollywood
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