Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Judge Judy: I'll eat contract with cream cheese on national TV if they can produce it and it was signed by me and Mr. Lawrence

Rebel Entertainment Partners is suing former Judge Judy Sheindlin and a ViacomCBS division for more than $5 million over the $95 million sale of the show’s rich library. Judge Judy said: “I have not seen the complaint

and can therefore only comment on what I have read which suggests that I am being sued for ‘breach of contract. If that is the basis of Mr. Lawrence’s lawsuit, here is my challenge: If Mr. Lawrence can produce a contract, signed by me and Mr. Lawrence on the same page, at any time in history from the beginning of time, I will toast that contract, smear it with cream cheese and eat it on national television.”

“Disgraced media mogul Les Moonves may have been shown the door at CBS in 2018, but not before he conspired with other CBS executives, including former CBS programming chief Armando Nuñez, to avoid embarrassment over his colossal mismanagement of the sale and repurchase of the back-episode catalog for the Judge Judy television program,” claims the breach of contract complaint filed Tuesday morning Click on the headline and read the rest of the story.