Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Martin Scorsese: cinema is being marginalized and devalued and categorized as comfort food

Irish Director Martin Scorses, 77, at the Toronto Film Festival warned that cinema was in danger of being “marginalized and devalued” in an apparent dig at at-home viewing. “The fact that film festivals are continuing to happen,

improvising, adapting, making it all work somehow, is very moving to me. Because in the press and in the popular culture, what’s happening, it’s becoming sadly common to see cinema marginalised and devalued and in this situation categorised as a form of comfort food. So to celebrate its very existence is all the more important and necessary. Because we can never remind people enough that this remarkable art form has always been and will always be much more than a diversion. Cinema, film, movies, at its best is a source of wonder and inspiration.” Mbr>
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