Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Filmmaker Shelby Steele: Cancel culture is evil dressed up as good

Filmmaker Shelby Steele: "Our democracy which is based on debate and cross-examination and so forth. Amazon felt that they were somehow so morally superior to that option, that they were so wonderful,

in other words, that they could simply cancel it and move on, and thereby do a good service to American life. So in that sense, evil is dressed up as good. And in cancellation, that seems to me to be the formula”.

"Moral power is being demonstrated by eliminating the ability of critics to “engage” in any form of argument or dialogue. It is something you are so morally above, that you obliterate it , you just eliminate it and you don’t have to argue but you can get credit for all sorts of virtuous sentiments when all you have done, really, is run away from an issue".

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