Thursday, September 23, 2021
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MTV’s Video Music Awards 2021 has record low audience: less than 3 million viewers

John Nolte: How low were the ratings for Sunday night’s telecast of the MTV’s Video Music Awards? So low, the entertainment media are not reporting the numbers.

In fact, the numbers are so low that last year’s record low of 6.4 million viewers, which was itself a catastrophe at the time, now looks like the good old days.

Last year, on MTV alone, the VMAs attracted 800,000 viewers. This year, that number dropped to just 600,000. Adding up the remaining channels — Nick-at-Nite’s 202,000 VMA viewers; Comedy Central’s 191,000, BET’s 201,000; NH1’s 149,000; Paramount’s 159,000; TV land’s 150,000; Nick-At-Nite 2’s 96,000; and the CW’s 600,000 — that comes to fewer than 3 million viewers.

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