Friday, December 3, 2021
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Movie producer proved the wrong man went to prison for raping Lovely Bones author Alice Sebold

Alice Sebold was raped by a black man in 1981 when she was a student at Syracuse University in upstate New York. She wrongly identified Anthony Broadwater as her rapist in court, despite picking a different suspect at an earlier police lineup.

There is no suggestion that she did so intentionally, however Broadwater, a 22-year-old Marine at the time who had no criminal record, ended up spending 16 years in prison.

Anthony Broadwater was released from prison in 1998 at age 38. He has lived in squalor ever since, refusing to have children with his wife because he didn't want them to carry the stigma of his rape conviction. He was unaware that Alice Sebold went on to make millions in book sales afterwards. She published Lucky, a memoir about the rape, in 1999 and The Lovely Bones, her most famous book, in 2002. Timothy Mucciante, the movie producer who helped undo the wrongful conviction of an innocent black man for raping Lovely Bones author Alice Sebold for sending the wrong man to prison for raping her in 1981, told how he unraveled the case after being fired from a Netflix-intended adaptation of her memoir Lucky which he said was 'glossed over facts' of the book and made him suspicious of the case.

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