Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Producer Tim Mucciante was alarmed by the inconsistencies in the memoir Lucky

In Alice Sebold's memoir Lucky she never used Anthony Broadwater's real name though she did use some of the other names involved like that of ADA Gail Uebelhoer, or Sergeant Lorenz,

one of the Syracuse Police Department detectives who investigated the case. Movie producer Timothy Mucciante said he found that surprising and it was one of the reasons the case was hard to research once he had become suspicious. "I was under the impression that Gregory Madison was the rapist's true name.... but when we looked at the records, we couldn't find anything on him and it was gnawing at me. We checked every town that she had lived in and it was driving me a little crazy, frankly, so I reached out to a former Syracuse sheriff's detective who is now a private investigator."

Another red flag he said he found was Sebold's description of the trial and the prosecutor, Uebelhoer.

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