Saturday, January 28, 2023
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James Woods: I will be suing the DNC - my career was destroyed by these people (video)

James Woods reacted to disclosures from Twitter that the Democratic National Committee went after his Twitter activity by stating he’ll take legal action against the DNC and said that the DNC had an enemy’s list akin to Joseph McCarthy’s.

James Woods said: “I will be getting a lawyer. I will be suing the Democratic National Committee, no matter what. Whether I win or lose, I am going to stand up for the rights of every American, not a so-called celebrity, I’m not a celebrity anymore. I’m hardly recognizable anymore because my career has been destroyed by these very people."

"And I will sue and I’m hoping other people will sue. And if it turns out there are a lot of us on this list where the DNC targeted us, and I will quote the immortal words of Joseph Wells when he attacked Joe McCarthy for the enemy’s list he had, at long last sir, have you no shame? President Biden, all of your Stasi little operatives in the DNC who have targeted American citizens, have you, Mr. President, have all of you at last, no shame?”

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