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   Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Documentary film Hats Off is a tribute to actress Mimi Weddell: a star at last!

Oscar E Moore from the rear mezzanine for Talk Entertainment.com

It’s only taken ninety some odd years for Mimi Weddell to become a star. Not that she wanted to. “Work is what matters.” But she is now starring in her very own documentary, HATS OFF (Exclusive Engagement at the Quad Cinema) which puts the past ten years of her incredibly non stop independent life on the line – telling it as it was and still is - front and center with the close-ups she has been patiently awaiting as leading lady at last, with a charming candor and spunk befitting the woman who has had her ups and downs but whose mantra is – “RISE ABOVE IT”.

Well, that philosophy has certainly got Mimi through many a tough spot in what some might say is an eccentric take on life and living every moment to the fullest. On screen and on stage. As a model. As a mother. As a typist. And wife. If imagination is what keeps her magical life going, as she claims – we should all use our gray cells a lot more than most of us do. She is a wonder. An inspiration for all of us, who past a certain age would rather just lie back in bed with our aches and pains. Not Mimi – “Get up and get dressed or you’re finished” - is advice well listened to.

I hope that everyone – young, old and anywhere in between will go see HATS OFF. You will be entertained, enlightened and energized – and yes encouraged. It is a glorious tribute (lovingly directed by Jyll Johnstone ) to the wit, glamour and longevity of an amazing woman who takes as much care with her eyebrows as she does with her enunciation.

She exercises. Takes ballet and tap classes. Auditions. Sees casting agents. Watches what she eats (she weighs in at 95 pounds). She pontificates. Philosophizes. She makes us laugh. She remembers her beloved husband with tenderness. She never cries (at least in public). She smokes incessantly. Her mind is as sharp as her wardrobe. She bemoans her beautiful white head of hair so she wears hats when her hair isn’t done up in curlers or being coiffed at Elizabeth Arden when she can afford it – all to the tune of a great original musical background by Frankie Spellman and Stevie Buzzell.

She wears many hats. Hats that suit the many different moods of her personality. Hats large and small. Beautiful, striking, elaborate hats that only Mimi would have the nerve to wear and have everyone applaud her style. She really is special. Might a calendar of these head shots be in the making?

As seen through the eyes of her two children and grandchildren that sometimes live in the same apartment we get an honest insight as to what they think about Mimi and what it’s like living with such an energetic, positive person.

For someone who never had true ambition. For someone who just wanted to work on stage and on screen, Mimi Wendell has done pretty well for herself. Just imagine what would have happened had she had the ambition and drive of Kate Hepburn. She just might have run Kate right out of town. www.HatsOffTheMovie.com