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   Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Bill O'Reilly's lawyers had evidence he was targeted by a liberal smear campaign

Longtime Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly, 67, had an email regarding conference calls as key evidence that a left wing group was plotting to get him axed from the network.

Media Matters had reportedly spearheaded what Mary Pat Bonne, a Democratic fundraiser who served as 'donor adviser' to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign, called an 'advertiser education campaign' to have 80 companies drop from advertising on The O'Reilly Factor due to the mounting sexual harassment allegations against the prime-time host.

Mary Pat Bonner, whose consulting firm the Bonnor Group connects big money donors to liberal groups seeking donations, heralded the success of her firm and Media Matters’ “advertiser education campaign” against the longtime Fox host.

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