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   Monday, April 22, 2019
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Paul McCartney on the Beatles split: John wanted Yoko

The split of The Beatles still lingers with Paul McCartney according to a new interview with GQ. McCartney raised the acrimonious demise of the Fab Four even though the journalist "never asked him" about the matter.

McCartney still feels saddled with the blame because "the only way to save the business side of it was me suing the Beatles", he says, describing the law suit as "a total heartache".

"One of the sadnesses for me when the Beatles broke up [...] the residue was that I was to blame. I was 'the one who broke the Beatles up'. And so I spent quite a bit of time – you know, still doing it – to sort of say: 'No, I didn't. John wanted Yoko, so he said we're leaving the Beatles.…' But because of that suing incident, the word got out that I was the baddie."

> "And the worst thing was: I kind of bought into it. My psyche sort of said, 'No, no, no, no, no, no… Yes!... No, you weren't.…You were!' I really wasn't, but if everyone thinks you were, then maybe you were."

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