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   Monday, April 22, 2019
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Talent Agencies push to own content - creators cry foul

"As the industry moves from star-driven vehicles toward an IP dominated marketplace, it's likely that the winners and losers of the Peak TV era will largely be determined by who owns what. It's thus

little wonder that broadcast networks are increasingly linking up with their sister studios to own everything that airs in their time slots and that global streamers are inking nine-figure mega-deals to essentially own the productive imaginations of some of Hollywood's top creators, including Shonda Rhimes, Ryan Murphy and Kenya Barris."

"Now into this mix come the agencies, eager not to get left out as a New Hollywood is divvied up. No longer satisfied to stay solely in the representation business (though they might dispute this), they are becoming media companies themselves, sparking a debate over who gains from their entree into production: Are these firms self-dealing monsters who will screw over their own clients? Or are they Robin Hood, fighting to keep IP ownership in the hands of the artists they rep? That, of course, depends on whom you ask."

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