Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Hollywood literally sold its artistic soul to the Communist Chinese

John Nolte: "Some of us figured out something was terribly wrong with Hollywood, terribly misguided, terribly illiberal, when 2012' s Red Dawn remake, which had already been shot, was forced to digitally scrub every reference to the Chinese as the bad guys.

Instead of Red China successfully invading a chunk of America, which is at least somewhat plausible, digital magic told us the North Koreans had done it, which is absurd. Yes, the starving, tiny, hapless North Koreans beat the United States Marines."

"This is just how anti-art Hollywood has become in its effort to suck up to a government currently engaging in human rights abuses on par with Hitler. Forget about China’s past. Forget about Mao and Year Zero and 45 million deaths. As I write this, the Chinese government is using appalling violence to repress its own people, and not just the Hong Kong protesters."

"China, like Cuba, is a massive prison, a giant concentration camp, and Hollywood does not care because Hollywood is, above all, insatiably greedy."

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