Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Harry and Meghan claimed they quit for peace, privacy and time to focus on saving the planet – in fact they just wanted the freedom to exploit Diana’s death for millions of dollars from environment destroying bankers

Piers Morgan: "JP Morgan Chase & Co., America’s largest bank and the sixth largest in the world with total assets of $2.6 trillion, invited a gatering of millionaires and billionaires. The star headline act was the Duke and Duchess of Sussex."

Last July, the Duke and Duchess posted an urgent plea to save the planet on their Instagram to their 11 million followers. It read as follows: ‘As a continuation of our monthly social awareness approach…we turn our attention to the environment. There is a ticking clock to protect the planet – with climate change, the deterioration of our natural resources, endangerment of sacred wildlife, the impact of plastics and microplastics, and fossil fuel emissions, we are jeopardising this beautiful place we call home – for ourselves and for future generations. Let’s save it. Let’s do our part.’

'And what has been JP Morgan’s contribution to saving the planet? The bank was recently revealed, by the Rainforest Action Network, to have invested $195 billion into fossil fuel companies in the past three years alone."

They were by far the worst offenders on the banking list of shame, with Wells Fargo a distant second at $151 billion. Just the type of company a pair of royal eco-warriors would want to support and take money from – right?! In fact, it’s hard to imagine a more ludicrously inappropriate first gig for them to take in their brave new progressive, planet-saving royal celebrity world."

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