Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Ronan Farrow tried to kill the New York magazine story on Woody Allen’s wife Soon-Yi: Daphne Merkin

Ronan Farrow and his family (Mia Farrow) directed a pressure campaign toward top brass at New York magazine in the days before they published journalist Daphne Merkin’s lengthy profile of Soon-Yi

Previn, the wife of Woody Allen and adoptive daughter of Allen’s ex girlfriend Mia Farrow. Daphne Merkin has never spoken publicly about the conflict before taking to the New York Post. “I wasn’t used to this level of fear … fear of Ronan, of being sued, of the power of Mia and Ronan, simply culturally, their power on Twitter,” Merkin said.

Woody Allen, 84, infamously began an affair with Previn, now 49, in 1991 when the director and actress Mia Farrow were still together, and Previn was only 21 and living in the Farrow home.

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