Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Daphne Merkin talks about Soon Yi Previn interview: inconvenient truths

Daphne Merkin: "My interview with Soon-Yi Previn in 2018 was the first time she has spoken, at any length, about her affair with and subsequent 20 year marriage to her adoptive mother’s former partner Woody Allen;

the accusations against Woody Allen, and her early childhood and upbringing, as she remembers it - is being lost in one of the Internet’s “master narratives.”

“The inconvenient truths aren’t given much mileage because it takes a nuanced response and nuance has gone woefully out the window,” Merkin said, speaking from her home in Manhattan. “I tried to make it a nuanced story, in which I disclosed my connection, and I was very conscious of my own bias. I think [the lack of nuance online] is a pity because it makes the conversation too blunt and too primitive — it’s either ‘I hate the journalist’ or ‘I hate the subject.’”

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