Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Deadly Hurricane Ian was downgraded to Tropical Storm Ian on Thursday morning (video)
Deadly Hurricane Ian was downgraded to Tropical Storm Ian on Thursday morning but was still dumping record amounts of rain to bring “catastrophic flooding” across Florida while still packing damaging winds across a 415 mile swath of the state.  
Queen Elizabeth II’s cause of death revealed

Queen Elizabeth II died from “old age,” according to her death certificate. The National Records of Scotland released the document, with Her Majesty’s daughter, Princess Anne, listed as the informant of her death.  

Hurricane Ian downgrades to Category 1 - dangerous winds & storm surge continue to batter Florida
Hurricane Ian continued to weaken over Florida, downgrading to a Category 1 hurricane Wednesday evening, but dangerous winds and storm surges continue to batter Florida. Maximum sustained winds have dropped to 90 mph, according to FOX Weather.
Daily Show host Trevor Noah rips Joe Biden for shouting out dead congresswoman
Daily Show host Trevor Noah showed the clip of President Joe Biden searching the crowd for Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN), who died in a car accident just last month. “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? She must not be here”.
Meghan Markle is a "narcissistic and abusive royal" - book
U.K. Times’ royal correspondent Valentine Low has written the book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown. Aides working under Meghan Markle are described in the book as “broken” and “terrified”, according to Sky News.
Harry & Meghan are desperate to edit Netflix show and memoir after Queen’s death
Sara Nathan: While Harry and Meghan were part of the usual editing process on both Netflix docuseries and Harry's memoir before Queen Elizabeth's death, sources said the couple is keen to take out or downplay
Amsterdam is a way bigger disaster than Don’t Worry Darling
Nick Schager: "Filmmaker David O. Russell’s latest film Amsterdam boasts an A-list cast—Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Taylor Swift! — who look completely lost in this meandering mess."
Sharon Osbourne goes scorched earth on "jealous" Joy Behar and "ignorant" Don Lemon
Sharon Osbourne, former co-host of The Talk who was let go after defending journalist Piers Morgan from racism allegations, is not pulling her punches any longer. She discussing two of the people who have wronged her: Don Lemon and Joy Behar.
Rocker Roger Waters’ tour canceled in Poland after he blamed Ukraine for Russia’s invasion
Concerts planned by former Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters were canceled in Poland this month after the rocker insisted that Ukraine was to blame for Russia’s brutal invasion of its neighbor.
The Five makes history with ratings milestone never before achieved by non-primetime show
The Fox News afternoon show The Five” averaged 3.3 million viewers and was the most watched cable news program for the quarter, according to Fox News, which cited Nielsen Media Research data.The Five
M&M announces purple “spokescandy” who will promote “acceptance and inclusivity”
Incorporated announced a new M&M “spokescandy” who will promote “acceptance and inclusivity”. A 2 minute long music video titled I’m Just Gonna Be Me introduces the brand’s new mascot with a song about overcoming self-doubt.
Electric vehicles and the evacuation of Florida
Thomas Lifson: "It is fortunate that as of the current moment, electric vehicles constitute only about 100,000, out of nearly 8 million vehicles registered to drive on Florida’s roads. What if they all were electric, the impractical dream of greenies?
Canadian documentary Deconstructing Karen accuses white women of white supremacy
In this video, Steven Crowder shines a light on a Canadian documentary Deconstructing Karen. The film features an older black woman and slightly younger Latino woman berating slightly younger white women for their "white lady" racism (video)
Hundreds of thousands of “fully vaccinated” people are dying weekly: government reports
Ethan Huff: "When hospitals first shut down due to the “virus,” there was never really an illness outbreak of any considerable magnitude until after Operation Warp Speed was launched, unleashing hell on the world
Anthony Bourdain’s tragic final texts to girlfriend Asia Argento revealed in book
Dan Ladden-Hall: "Anthony Bourdain told his former girlfriend Asia Argento “you were reckless with my heart” in text messages sent just hours before his death claims an unauthorized biography,
CBS TV show Ghosts brought network comedy back from the dead
Kevin Fallon: "Out of nowhere— almost like a haunting — CBS’ charming sitcom became TV’s most watched comedy. We did a little ghost hunting to figure out what was behind its miraculous rise".
Greg Gutfeld on Barack Obama's portrait: What's missing - his background
Greg Futfeld: "Look at that portrait. Can we can we see that portrait again of former President Obama? I find this striking, Jessica, can we see it there, did you notice what’s missing?” Gutfeld asked. “His background.”
Katie Couric: On June 21st I was diagnosed with breast cancer
Kate Couric, 65, on Instagram wrote: "Every two minutes, a woman is diagnosed with the disease in the United States. On June 21st, I became one of them. As we approach #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth,
The night Aaron Judge became a Yankees legend forever
Ian O'Connor: Over 120 years of Yankees baseball, no man has ever hit more home runs in a single season than Aaron Judge, who tied Roger Maris’ American League record with his 61st in the seventh inning of the Yankees’ 8-3 victory over the Blue Jays, at 9:10 p.m. on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.
Bros star Luke Macfarlane on coming out: Honesty is more important than Hollywood
Bros actor Luke Macfarlane, 42, was more scared of lying about his sexuality than coming out. He came out in 2008. “I think so many of the people I saw were tortured and ruined by the lies that
The Climate Crisis Lie
Norman Rogers: "I did a ten year study of climate change. I went to scientific conferences and made friends with climate scientists. I realized that the science predicting future doom from emissions of carbon dioxide was wildly speculative.
Italy election: Polling finds wealthiest voted left, working and middle voted right
Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy were the most popular party among workers and the middle class in last weekend’s election, while the wealthiest Italians, along with university graduates, were more likely to vote for left parties.
Dr. Anthony Fauci's net worth soared during the COVID pandemic: documents
Dr. Anthony Fauci, 81, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, added $5 million to his household net worth from 2019-2021, according to financial disclosures
Lizzo: Bitch I just twerked and played James Madison’s flue from the 1800s (at D.C. concert)
The Library of Congress tweeted out about having the largest flute collection in the world, with more than 1,800 pieces, including James Madison’s 1813 crystal flute. They wrote:
Hailey Bieber: Justin never cheated on Selena Gomez - No, not once
Model Hailey Bieber, 25, said Justin, 28, had not cheated on Gomez, 30, with her. "No, not once." She said she and Justin began "hooking up" after he'd already split from his former on/off girlfriend in early 2018.
Netflix removes LGBTQ tag from Jeffery Dahmer documentary after activist backlash
“Was Jeffery Dahmer gay?” is a question that has been trending on Twitter all day. Primarily because the documentary about the deranged serial killer was hosted in the LGBTQ section on Netflix. The film,
MMA fighter Helen Peralta wears "F-ck Disney" tape over breasts during weigh in
MMA fighter Helen Peraltam 34, shocked witnesses Tuesday when she appeared with white tape with “f*ck Disney” written on them over her breasts but was otherwise bare-chested during her weigh-in.
Rapper Coolio dies at 59
Rapper Coolio, best known for his 1996 Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper Gangsta’s Paradise, has died at age 59. According to TMZ, Coolio’s manager said that the rapper was at a friend’s house, went to the bathroom, and didn’t return.
YouTube takes down Italian Prime Minister's pro-family speech with no explanation
Giorgia Meloni’s was just elected as the first female Prime Minister in Italy's history. Since she doesn’t share the media's views, they won’t call it a win. In fact, the media have essentially characterized the lady as evil.
Quote of the day
Bill Maher

"Everybody who could afford one, had a slave, including people of color. The way people talk about slavery these days, you’d think it was a uniquely American thing that we invented in 1619 — but slavery throughout history has been the rule, not the exception. The Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, Romans, the Arabs, British, the early Americans - all the way up through R. Kelly."

"The world slave comes from Slav, because so many Slavic people were enslaved — and they’re as white as the Hallmark Channel.”

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