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   Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Mo’Nique is calling for a boycott of Netlix for gender bias and color bias
Oscar winner Mo’Nique ({recious) is calling for a boycott of Netlix for gender bias and color bias. In a video posted to Instagram, the comedic actress says she was severely low balled by Netflix in www.showbiz411.com  
Ed Sheeran is engaged to his high school crush Cherry Seaborn: We are very happy and in love

Ed Sheeran, 26, proposed last year to Cherry Seaborn but chose to keep the news private until now. On Instagram he wrote: "Got myself a fiancé just before new year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well xx"


CNN boss Jeff Zucker in conversations with Disney for top ESPN job
A month after John Skipper’s abrupt resignation as president of ESPN and co-chairman of Disney Media Networks, a surprising name has entered the field of potential successors: CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name their daughter Chicago
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their new daughter Chicago West. Chicago is West's hometown, which he regularly references in his music.
Alec Baldwin: I worked w Woody Allen3 times and it was one of the privileges of my career
Alec Baldwin worked with Woody Allen on Blue Jasmine and To Rome With Love. He defended him on Twitter. “The renunciation of him and his work, no doubt, has some purpose. But it’s unfair and sad to me. I worked w WA 3 times and it was one of the privileges of my career.”
Catherine Zeta-Jones defends husband Michael Douglas after sexual misconduct allegation
Catherine Zeta-Jones came to the defense of her husband of 17 years, Michael Douglas, after he was accused of sexual misconduct by Susan Braudy, a former employee 30 years ago.
Waco joins TV’s torn from the headlines streak
Twenty five years after a shootout and FBI raid left 82 members of the Branch Davidian religious sect and four federal agents dead, a six-part cable series re-examines the siege. Waco portrays the
Mark Ruffalo: We are a nation of illegal immigrants
Mark Ruffalo wrote on Instagram: “As things get ugly and rhetorical let’s not forget that we are a country of illegal immigrants. The only “real” Americans are the indigenous people of America”.
The flu season in the U.S. is getting worse
Health officials said flu was blanketing the country. The newest numbers show it grew even more intense. One measure is how many doctor or hospital visits are because of a high fever, cough and other flu symptoms
Sundance in the post-Weinstein age: You won't see those massive parties
Harvey Weinstein's gone - and with him, the formerly freewheeling party scene - as insiders hope a more sober and serious festival won't throw cold water on last year's hot sales market.
Get Out director Jordan Peele: the truth is the President is a racist, which is very sad
Get Out director Jordan Peele said: “You know, the truth is the president is a racist, which is very sad, And I’m disheartened by policies that are xenophobic and sexist … there are many strides
HLN host Ashleigh Banfield criticizes article accusing actor Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct
HLN host Ashleigh Banfield criticized the Babe.net article accusing actor Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct, saying it was executed in a “sloppy and reckless” manner.
Tom Petty died of an overdose from a huge cocktail of pain medication
Tom Petty's family reveal he died of an overdose from a huge cocktail of pain medication - including Fentanyl and oxycodone - that he was taking for a broken hip. "It was an unfortunate accident".
Mariah Carey sued for $3 million over cancelled South American shows
Mariah Carey in a legal battle with a South American concert promoter over her right to cancel two performances in October 2016. Promoter FEG alleges breach of contract by seeking damages for losses and defamation.
Allison Shearmur, Rogue One, Hunger Games producer, dies at 54
Veteran Hollywood producer and executive Allison Shearmur, who produced the Hunger Games films, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, died of complications from lung cancer.
Rian Johnson defends Luke Skywalker's new powers in Star Wars: The Last Jedi
The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson of the latest Star Wars movie is striking back at critics who accused him of giving Luke Skywalker powers that weren't previously possible..
Bill Maher: This is Melania Trump's #MeToo movement
On HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher said: “(S)peaking of #MeToo, there is one person who I’m thinking of this week, and I’d like to make a personal plea to join, and that’s Melania Trump. Because,
Oscar winner Dorothy Malone, mother on Peyton Place, dies at 93
Dorothy Malone, who won hearts of 1960s television viewers as the long suffering mother in the nighttime soap Peyton Place, died in her hometown of Dallas at age 93.
Marion Cotillard on Woody Allen: The experience we had together was very odd
Marion Cotillard commented on Woody Allen: “I’m very ignorant of what he did or he didn’t do, I just see people suffering and it’s terrible. I have to say today, yeah, if he were to ask me again … I don’t
Margaret Atwood: I am not a prophet Science fiction is really about now
The TV adaptation of her dystopian classic The Handmaid’s Tale captured the political moment. Margaret Atwood talks bestsellers, bonnets and the backlash against her views on #MeToo.
Quote of the day
Ellen Pompeo

"It was a lot of rivalry, a lot of competition (on Grey's Anatomy). It starts with actors behaving badly, and then producers enabling them to behave badly. And, by the way, I'm guilty of it, too. I saw squeaky wheels getting all the fucking grease, so I was like, “OK, that's how you do it,” and I behaved badly as well. I mimicked what I saw. I'm not perfect."

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