Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Leonardo DiCaprio named Messenger of Peace by the United Nations
Leonardo DiCaprio has been named the Messenger of Peace by the United Nations. The actor will speak on climate change on September 23 at the U.N. Climate Summit.  
The View isn’t so clear anymore after 17 years

Even on Day 1, there were signs of where The View is headed and it’s likely to be more tame. The View was once distinctive mostly because the hosts argued - sometimes at the highest decibels - over news events, politics and social issues.  

Joan Rivers doctor took a selfie during surgery: CNN
Joan Rivers' doctor took a selfie with unconscious comedian Joan Rivers in the operating room before her endoscopy, says CNN. The ear, nose and throat
Barbra Streisand appearance on Tonight Show pushes album to 1 on Amazon and 2 on iTunes
Roger Friedman: Barbra Streisand’s excellent show with Jimmy Fallon has paid off. Her Partners album hits iTunes today at number 2.
Beyonce accused by fans of photo shopping picture of her thighs on holiday photos (pix)
Beyonce has been accused of photoshopping her thighs once again in the singer's latest batch of holiday photos taken on a private yacht. One picture has been picked out
Julie Chen: my grandfather was a polygamist with 9 wives and 11 children
The Talk host Julie Chen, 44, said her maternal grandfather was a polygamist who "had 9 wives, 6 of who bore him children. He had 11 children that we know of, countless mistresses."
Rachel Ray: I'll stay on TV as long as people find us useful
Rachel Ray: “I’m always going to have critics but they’re not who butters my bread. I’m a female host who works in TV but I’m not someone who becomes a slave to
Jay Z fights lawsuit over his use of the word "oh" in Run This Town
Jay Z is said to be fighting a lawsuit over his use of the word “oh”. Court documents obtained by Techdirt suggest the rapper is being sued for using a single syllable
5 things you don't know about KISS's Gene Simmons
Here are five things you may not have known about Kiss's Gene Simmons, starting with the fact that his name really isn't Gene Simmons:
Director David Fincher: Studios treat audiences like cattle in a stockyard
David Fincher: “Studios treat audiences like lemmings, like cattle in a stockyard. I don’t want to ask actors or anyone else on a movie to work so
Rosie Perez to View co-host Nicolle Wallace: when did you want to just pop Sarah Palin?
Nicolle Wallace introduced herself to the View audience as a Republican who worked with Sarah Palin. Rosie Perez asked Nicolle Wallace, “One,
Beyonce & Jay Z looking at $85 million Beverly Hills mansion with 8 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms
Beyonce and Jay Z reportedly looking at $85 million mansion in Beverley Hills. TMZ says the mansion has 8 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 16 car garage, infinity pool, wine cellar, 24 seat theater.
Beyonce and Jay Z renew vows in commitment ceremony' during her 33rd birthday getaway
Beyonce and Jay Z reaffirmed their love for each other in an special commitment ceremony during a family holiday to Corsica for Beyonce's 33rd birthday earlier this month.
David Bowie Day is September 23rd in Chicago
September 23rd in Chicago as David Bowie Day. The honor comes in connection with David Bowie Is..., a retrospective exhibit opening that day at the city's Museum of Contemporary Art.
Leonard Cohen: For me to commit suicide or OD would be - unbecoming
Ahead of his Leonard Cohen's 80th birthday and the release of a new album, here’s a classic interview from Sounds in 1976, courtesy of Rock’s Backpages
Cat Stevens (aka Yusef) announces 5 city US concert tour
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Cat Stevens is taking the Peace Train back on the road in a 6 city concert tour in North America this December. It his first series of shows in the U.S. since 1976. His conversion to Islam followed, putting his music career on hold for a quarter century.
Imax CEO: people sick of post apocalyptic, dark, angst ridden, suicidal movies
Imax Entertainment CEO Greg Foster to Hollywood: "Maybe people are getting a little sick of the post-apocalyptic, dark, angst ridden, suicidal movies. There's maybe a few too many of those".
Rosie O'Donnell debuts 53 pound weight loss on The View
Rosie O'Donnell made her debut on the new season of The View on ABC and debuted a new, thinner body. Rosie, who once weighed 237 pounds estimates she's lost
Django Unchained actress claimed racism but photos tell another story - it looks like sex
Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts cried racism against the LAPD saying they harassed and hurt her because she was just making out with her white boyfriend in a car. TMZ
Meredith Vieira: I was in an abusive relationship many, many years ago
Meredith Vieira, 60, on The Meredith Vieira Show said: "I was in an abusive relationship many, many years ago as a young woman. I want to explain to you why I stayed.”
ISIS releases professional looking movie trailer titled Flames of War via YouTube
The AlHayat Media Center released a new propaganda video for the Islamic State. The video, titled Flames of War Trailer, is styled after a war movie trailer, complete
Jenny McCarthy: I was kicked off The View because they wanted more diversity
Jenny McCarthy: The View "wanted to make the table diverse. So they consider when Rosie (O'Donnell) was coming back it was too liberal and they wanted
Robert Downey Jr, Hugh Jackman, Samuel L Jackson set for Star Wars Episode VII cameos
Robert Downey Jr, Hugh Jackman and Samuel L Jackson are rumored to have landed secret roles in the latest installment of the George Lucas penned franchise.
Quote of the day
Kanye West

"I’m a married, Christian man. So, if you take someone that can go from being a rock star across the globe and everything and make the decision to pick one woman and raise a family, anyone here that’s married or that’s in a relationship knows that there’s enough things workin’ against you. I’m not going to make one of them Ben Affleck statements and s***."

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