Thursday, January 29, 2015
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Julianne Moore believes in therapy, not God (and definitely not guns)
Julianne Moore: "The idea that you're the center of your own narrative and that you can create your life is a great idea," she says, referring to a notion in one of her favorite books, Little Women. "I totally believe it. I've been really lucky, but I feel I've completely created my own life."  
Nielsen: Empire audience is 61 percent African American

Fox's new musical drama Empire has quickly become the No. 1 new series of the season in all the key demographics. According to Nielsen, 61% of the show's audience is African-American -  

Kevin Costner: Stephen Hawking came over to talk about Whitney Houston
Kevin Costner on Jimmy Kimmel Live said the author and physicist Stephen Hawking stopped by his house unexpectedly in the early 2000s. He said, 'I'd like to know about Whitney Houston".
Bruce Jenner to discuss transformation on TV
Former Olympian and reality star Bruce Jenner, 65, has taped an interview and is currently filming an unscripted E! reality series of his own about his “desire to look like a woman and live as one,” reports Us Weekly.
David Letterman has invited Jay Leno on The Late Show
Comedian David Letterman's CBS Late Show reportedly has invited his former late-night television arch rival former Tonight Show host Jay Leno to appear as a guest on the program before Letterman retires from TV in May.
Joel Grey: I'm a gay man
Joel Grey was married for 24 years and proudly raised two children. Now, at 82, the Cabaret Oscar winner talks about his sexuality. "I don't like labels, but if you have to put a label on it, I'm a gay man."
Jupiter Ascending film by Wachowski siblings cost $175 million
When the film Jupiter Ascending ended, the usually gracious Sundance Film Festival audience didn’t clap at the closing credits.
Justin Bieber apologizes to fans: I’m not who I was pretending to be
Justin Bieber, 20, was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and didn’t appear to be himself - he was uncomfortable and nervous. Bieber posted a moody apologetic video to his Facebook after the interview.
Bruce Jenner will explain his transformation from a male to a female on TV series
Bruce Jenner will finally explain his talked about transformation to TV cameras. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is set to have an unscripted E! series of his own, which sources say will follow his decision to transition from a male to a female.
Jesse Ventura: American Sniper’s Chris Kyle is a liar not a hero
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, who successfully sued Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s estate and was awarded $1.8 million for defamation last year, is speaking out about the Clint Eastwood film American Sniper.
Dan Aykroyd is delighted by all female Ghostbusters
Original Ghostbusters co-star and co-writer Dan Aykroyd has given his blessing to a highly publicized reboot of the franchise featuring four female comedians in the lead roles.
Indie film festival has $175 million film Jupiter Ascending debut
Roger Friedman: Word has leaked, or rather, exploded, that everyone at Sundance hated Jupiter Ascending, which opens February 6th. By all account, Jupiter Ascending–
Gabrielle Union wanted a prenup before marrying Dwyane Wade
Gabrielle Union is making sure it’s known that she did not “hitch” her wagon to her NBA player husband’s star power. Before marrying Dwyane Wade, she is the one who asked for the prenup.
Bradley Cooper takes the New York City subway to work each day
Bradley Cooper, 40, was spotted trudging to the New York City subway to catch the train to work, bundling up amid freezing East Coast temperatures. He is starring in The Elephant Man on Broadway.
Björk’s Vulnicura is most downloaded album on iTunes in more than 30 countries
Björk’s album Vulnicura, meaning ‘Cure for Wounds’ in Greek quickly became the number 1 most downloaded album on iTunes in more than 30 countries, including the UK.
Mariah Carey's former nanny says she was forced to work grueling hours with no overtime pay
Simonette DaCosta says she went to work for Mariah Carey and her now estranged husband Nick Cannon in October 2013. She claims she was forced her to work grueling 100 hour weeks and was not paid overtime.
Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom Blythe Danner doesn’t understand “conscious uncoupling”
Blythe Danner comments on daughter Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's "conscious uncoupling". “They are so smart … both incredibly brilliant. They’re making it work, they’re great friends and the kids are in wonderful shape. So I have to take my hat off to both of them.”
Lance Armstrong defends decision to start doping: I would probably do it again
Lance Armstrong, 43, told the BBC that he would probably dope again if faced with the same choices when he started cycling professionally in the mid-1990s. He said
NBC Foreign Affairs Correspondent says Chris Kyle went on killing sprees in Iraq
In a discussion on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday, NBC Foreign Affairs Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin was asked for his thoughts on the wildly popular film American Sniper. After conceding that the film is powerful,
Jon Stewart: Why’d Obama skip France but drop everything to visit Saudis?
Jon Stewart found it just a little bit odd that President Obama dropped everything to go to Saudi Arabia for the late king’s funeral but couldn’t be bothered to go to the Paris unity rally.
David Oyelowo says outrage over Benedict Cumberbatch using the word colored is silly
The British star Selma, David Oyelowo, described the furor over Benedict Cumberbatch’s use of an outdated term for black people as “silly” and “ridiculous”.
Courtney Love says she used heroin while pregnant with daughter Frances Bean
Courtney Love, 50, admits in the documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck that she used heroin at one point while pregnant with Frances Bean, now 22. "I used it once then stopped. I knew she would be fine."
Reality TV star in Brazil has plastic surgery disaster
Andressa Urach, 27, went from being a single teenage mom nicknamed "Beanpole" to a reality TV bombshell in Brazil thanks to silicone implants, anabolic steroids, a nose job, and gel and botox injections, a fact she wasn't ashamed to share with fans.
Taylor Swift trademarks This Sick Beat and other 1989 phrases
Taylor Swift has trademarked these phrases: Party Like It's 1989, This Sick Beat, Cause We Never Go Out of Style, Could Show You Incredible Things and Nice to Meet You, Where You Been? with the U.S. government, according to the legal database Justia (via Vox).
Sean Penn: I've made a lot of mistakes
Sean Penn: "I’ve made a lot of mistakes. And some of that is idealizing a relationship or a person in a certain way. Or falling victim to the way they seem idealized. I don’t mean
Liz Smith is wild for theatre producer Judith Ann Abrams
Liz Smith: My longtime friend Judith Ann Abrams is a good example of why some people, who are crazy, go into the theater business and will never give it up although the drama-comedy stuff usually gives them up!
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Robert Redford

"Because Hollywood has always followed the money – and rightly so – they realized the money was with youth, so that drove Hollywood’s direction. Which meant Hollywood was no longer containing both – no longer making the bigger films and the smaller independent films. They were divesting themselves of that and focusing on the larger films where the money was."

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