Saturday, November 22, 2014
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Bill Cosby gets a standing ovation at a comedy show in Florida amid sexual assault allegations
Bill Cosby, 77, took the stage to a standing ovation and gave the audience a thumbs up at the King Center in Melbourne, Florida. The sold out 90 minute comedy show on Friday went on despite a wave of sexual assault allegations that prompted the cancellation of several upcoming shows and two major studios to halt projects involving the comedian. https:  
Law & Order actress Michelle Hurd details Bill Cosby's attempted sexual assault of her while working on The Cosby Show

Michelle Hurd, the actress known for her roles on Low & Order: SVU and Gossip Girl, says she was a stand in on the set of The Cosby Show when Cosby started acting increasingly  

Bill Cosby accused by more women of sexual assault
The list of women accusing the comic of sexual attacks hit 12 on Friday, including Renita Chaney Hill, who says she was just 15 when Cosby gave
Bill Cosby shows cancelled in Las Vegas and Tucson
Bill Cosby's November 28 performance at Treasure Island in Las Vegas was canceled Friday, following the cancellation of Cosby's February 15 show at the Diamond Desert Casino in Tucson.
Donald Sutherland compares Jennifer Lawrence to Jesus Christ
Donald Sutherland: "When I worked with her (Jennifer Lawrence) her, I realized the child was a genius. She’s the right person at the right time in the sense of Joan of Arc or Jesus Christ, any genius, in that sense.
Robin Williams son talks about friendship between his father and Christopher Reeve
Zak Williams: "Robin was my father, Chris was my godfather and their friendship, beginning as college roommates at Juilliard, was nothing short of amazing. The Chris
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I opens number 1 in every overseas market
The total launch heading into the weekend is 85 markets, the biggest day and date release of the year and Lionsgate’s widest release ever.
Benedict Cumberbatch: The adoration won't last forever
Benedict Cumberbatch, 38, in December Vogue said: "The adoration thing is amazing, but it won't carry on forever, and I want my work to carry on forever. Or at least for the next 40 years."
How Bill Cosby allegedly silenced his accusers through a tabloid smear campaign
Andrea Costand’s complaint and civil case against Bill Cosby in 2005 and 2006 alleges the comedian had an accuser’s sexual assault story killed in exchange for an exclusive interview.
Bill Cosby's lawyer says the comedian is a victim of media driven feeding frenzy
Martin Singer, the attorney for Bill Cosby, slammed the numerous accusations of sexual assault against his client, saying the five time Emmy winner has been the victim of a “media-driven feeding frenzy.”
Why Is the Smithsonian standing behind Bill Cosby?
Only the Smithsonian is providing Bill Cosby any cover. While it’s troubling to think that the National Museum of African Art can be lined up like an appearance on David Letterman
Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Sunset Boulevard may rise again
Michael Riedel: Diva alert! Donna Murphy is playing Norma Desmond in a reading of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard at the Roundabout Theatre Company.
Angelina Jolie wearing chunky diamond and gold ring while signing autographs in NYC
Angelina Jolie has been coy about showing off the wedding band from husband Brad Pitt. When she signed autographs outside the Paley Center for the Media International Summit in NYC she was wearing what looked like wedding jewelry.
Mike Nichols was an unflappable stage presence
Michael Riedel: Mike Nichols made directing look easy, but he knew it was difficult. He said: “Putting on a show is like your wife saying, ‘If you’re going upstairs, would you mind carrying these two 1,000 pound anvils with you?’”
Bill Cosby has protesters and supporters at Florida stand up show
Bill Cosby's show in Melbourne, Florida drew supporters and protesters alike, according to social media accounts from journalists at the scene. Al Pefley, a reporter with a local CBS affiliate, tweeted photos people from both sides of the spectrum holding signs.
Bill Cosby's lawyers strong armed tabloid into ditching story on rape claims
Lawyers acting for Bill Cosby cajoled the tabloid magazine the National Enquirer into ditching a groundbreaking investigation it had conducted into his alleged sexual misconduct
Bono bike crash wrecks The Tonight Show schedule
Bono’s injuries in a Central Park bike accident are much worse than first thought. The accident impacts The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon planned for the band to be more than just musical guests for a week.
Can Nicki Minaj, Eminem and Wu-Tang save hip-hop's worst year?
Has 2014 been the worst year in hip-hop history, as claimed by A$AP Yams, co-founder and self styled guru of A$AP Mob?
The Queen Latifah Show is cancelled after two seasons
Her show wasn’t growing - which made it impossible to justify the cost. Queen Latifah is the latest victim of the tough economics and harsh realities of making a show work in national television syndication.
Side Show – too much tinkering takes its toll
This new SIDE SHOW has its ups and lots of downs. It has some wonderful performances. But it does not flow as it should and once did. Memories die hard.
Band Aid's Do They It's Christmas song is accused of being patronizing, racist
Bob Geldof's re-release of Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” (this time, to raise funds in the fight against Ebola) has been a huge commercial success but there are accusations
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Bill Cosby

"There’s a gap between people knowing what I do and really believing that I still do that — and wondering what it is I really do.”

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