Friday, August 29, 2014
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie kept their wedding a secret from family and friends except for 22 guests
Us Weekly reports that the wedding of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was a "total surprise" to their friends and family aside from the 22 lucky guests that were invited. A friend said: "Everyone is happy for them. It was small and family and friends only, just like they wanted. I'm happy they pulled it off. We all consider them married anyway, but now it's official."  
Joan Rivers, 81, in a medically induced coma

Joan Rivers, 81, is "resting comfortably'"in a medically induced coma just hours after she performed a typically acerbic show in Manhattan and joked about her own death. The comic was rushed from an Upper East Side clinic to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition on Thursday morning after she stopped breathing during a routine medical procedure.  

Why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally wed
Reed Tucker: Over the weekend, one of the world’s most beautiful couples (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) announced they had tied the knot at their Château Miraval estate in France.
Melissa Rivers flies from California to New York to be with her mother Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers was in California and arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport enroute to the hospital.. Soon afterward, Melissa
President Obama reportedly RSVP'd Yes to George Clooney wedding in Italy
“At first she (Angelina Jolie) was on the fence about going (to the wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin) because she’s not big on schmoozing at Hollywood get togethers. But she quickly changed her mind after George told her that President Obama RSVP’d ‘Yes’!”
George Clooneys upcoming nuptials to Amal Alamuddin is turning out to be disastrous
Radar: George Clooney's upcoming nuptials to Amal Alamuddin is turning out to be disastrous- a prenup the couple has been arguing over, worries about a guest list feud and their wedding planner quitting.
Charlize Theron: Men are like fine wines - the older they get, the better they get
Charlize Theron: "I think that women find their strength and power in their sexuality, in their sensuality within, [through] getting older and being secure within that."
Joaquin Phoenix in final negotiations to play Doctor Strange
Multiple Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly in talks with Marvel Studios for the lead role in Doctor Strange.
Jennifer Aniston confesses to trying breast milk belonging to Jimmy Kimmel's wife
Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Kimmel Live said: : "It's [breast milk is] like the one milk you don't have to feel guilty about drinking. It's like no, that dairy is OK. But I had some of Molly's."
Bill Maher challenges Dick Cheney to light himself on fire (video)
Bill Maher took a spin on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a new Funny or Die video where he challenged former Vice President Dick Cheney to douse himself in gasoline and then proceed to light himself on fire.
MLS Ice Bucket Challenge leads to $100 million in donations
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has earned the ALS Association more than $100 million in donations, according to CBS. The viral sensation,
Theatre critic Iain Armitage is 6 years old and getting raves
Six year old Iain Armitage is the Internet’s latest (first?) theater critic to go viral. His two minute rave of Sunday in the Park with George has more than 14,000 hits.
Joan Rivers remains in critical condition after cardiac arrest
Comedian Joan Rivers remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition Friday after going into cardiac arrest during a medical procedure at a doctor's office on the Upper East Side Thursday morning.
Joan Rivers joked about her death a day before surgery: I'm 81 - I could go at any moment
Joan Rivers joked about her mortality while performing some new material at the Laurie Beechman Theatre iManhattan just hours before she was rushed to the hospital.
Katie Couric accused Diane Sawyer of trading sex for interviews: book claims
Sheila Weller’s new book The News Sorority chronicles the careers of three of TV news’ top female anchors. The book details the scandalous and sometimes catty escapades of noteworthy newswomen, including how some apparently hold strong disdain for each other.
Women lose the news: we're back to zero
Just 4 years ago, women occupied half the top news anchor slots. When Diane Sawyer gives up her post as anchor at ABC World News in August, we're back to zero
WE TVs reality show Sex in a Box: couples copulate on air and then chat about it
Sex Box is an “extreme therapy reality concept” where couples appear on television to discuss their relationship, before they head off to a camera free, soundproof box where they have sex.
NYPD investigating Bryan Singer for sexual assault
A criminal complaint was filed against writer/director Bryan Singer, 48, accusing the X-Men” director of sexually assaulting a 20 something man in New York City last year, said law enforcement sources.
Gwyneth Paltrow accused of ripping off author and college professor
Gwyneth Paltrow’s e-commerce and web company is being sued by an author and Hunter College professor Charles Platkin who specializes in writing about health and wellness for allegedly ripping off his trademarked name, the Diet Detective.
Jon Stewart: Do you not understand that life in this country is inherently different for white people and black people?"
Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on Michael Brown death in Ferguson, Missouri: "Race is there, and it is a constant. You're tired of hearing about it? Imagine how f-cking exhausting it is living it."
Chelsea Clinton quits as a reporter for NBC News
Chelsea Clinton is quitting her job as a reporter at NBC News citing increased work at the Clinton Foundation and imminent birth of her first child.
Joan Rivers stopped breathing during throat surgery
TMZ: " We're told that at one point, Joan's heart stopped beating. It's unclear if doctors were able to restart the comic's heart."
Anonymous site NikkiStink spurs talks between Nikki Finke and ex boss Jay Penske
The journalist Nikki Finke has long struck fear into the hearts of Hollywood executives and entertainers, publishing a blend of vitriol and scoops on her blog Deadline Hollywood.
Gary Busey's naked strolls anger his fellow housemates on Celebrity Big Brother UK (pix)
Gary Busey, 70, is an exhibitionist. He has been strolling around naked on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK and the housemates he is living with are not pleased.
Keira Knightley goes topless in edgy photo shoot for renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier
Keira Knightley, 29, has gone for a completely new look for photos by Patrick Demarchelier for Interview magazine.
The Daily Show host Jon Stewart debuts as a feature film director with Rosewater
The film Rosewater will get loads of attention based on the celebrity of its writer-director (Jon Stewart). But if this very same film had been made by an unknown director, it would pass in the night with only scant notice.
TV lesson 1: big stars don't guarantee a big hit
CBS' pricey Halle Berry vehicle Extant from Steven Spielberg has been steady but has not lived up to lofty expectations set by 2013 surprise Under the Dome. Extant's future is unclear.
Album sales hit a new low
This week's 3.97 million album sales tally is the smallest weekly sum for album sales since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in 1991. It's the first time weekly sales have fallen below 4 million in that time span.
Reese Witherspoon sends message to a boy with cancer (video)
Reese Witherspoon transformed into “Pink Lady” Elle Woods from her hit movie Legally Blonde to send a hopeful message to Will, 4, who is battling cancer.
Queen Latifah goes public with rumoured girlfriend on vacation
Rapper and actress Queen Latifah appears to have gone public with her romance with choreographer Eboni Nichols after the two women were photographed kissing on vacation.
Quote of the day
Charlize Theron

"It’s ironic that we’ve built the beauty world around 20 year olds, when they have no f-ckin’ concept about wisdom, what life is about... And that’s why I think people say women come into their prime in their 40s."

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